Chandigarh, 3rd November 2022: Madhu Kapoor, a resident of Sector-20, said that the police forcibly deducted a challan of Rs 500 for parking the car outside her house, while everyone’s vehicles were parked outside. The policeman asked her to break the wall and park the car inside.

After the notice of the Chandigarh Estate Office, the traffic police have started fining people for parking their vehicles outside the house. This has caused great resentment among the residents of the city. People say that why no such rule of parking was told at the time of buying a car and getting RC made. Now that people have bought cars, they are being harassed.

Police have started this campaign from Sector 20 in the past. Challans of many people have been deducted there, and many have been warned. To make people aware, the traffic police have also shared a video on social media, in which people are being explained not to park vehicles outside their houses. In the video, the policemen say they will come to see again soon, and if the vehicles are found parked on the road, the challan will be deducted. Many people have also contacted the local councillors regarding this and have also complained to the police.

Taruna Hemata, ward councillor of Sectors 20 and 30, says that the administration has not been able to implement the parking policy, nor has it been able to arrange community parking. The administration is made to provide services, facilities, and a good system to the residents of the city. The administration should find an alternative and not harass the people by issuing a Tughlaqi decree at once. “Talking at the party level, we will campaign against it,” Hemata said. Harsh Bhatia, a resident of Sector-20A, said that he has a house at 10 Marle. They have three vehicles and four two-wheelers. The policemen are asking to park the vehicles inside the house. “We said that there is no space inside, so they told us to break the boundary wall. When told that there is no space inside, they responded that he should have thought of that before buying the car,” he explained.

The police argue that many people have a place to park their cars in their houses, yet they park their cars on the sidewalk outside. Amar Ujala visited several sectors on Tuesday and found this to be true to a large extent. In many sectors, including Sector-21, 22, 16, 23, 35, and 37, people had space inside the boundary wall of their houses, despite their vehicles parked on the sidewalks and roadsides. But for those whose houses are small, what should they do? After the strictness of the police, some vehicles have started plying inside the big houses of Sector-20, 22, and 27, but the biggest problem is with those people whose houses are small. There are many private and government houses, which are small and there is not enough space inside the boundary wall that they can park their car in, such people are most worried. Even the policemen have no answer to this.

DSP Jaswinder Singh said that people have to change their mindset. People who have space in their homes at least should park their cars in their houses. The police are currently focusing on the vehicles parked near the market and on the circular road. We endeavour to make as many people as possible aware. Many people are beginning to understand this.