Amritsar, 9th May 2022: Between Daoke and Bharowal station in the Amritsar sector, the Border Security Force shot down a drone deployed by Pakistani traffickers. The drone landed in a field. During the investigation, a sack was discovered hanging in it, containing nine packets of heroin. The DJI Matrice-300 quadcopter is made in China. Drones outfitted with cutting-edge technology are being tested.

It’s also apparent that the camera hasn’t been mounted. In the packs, 10.67 kg of heroin was discovered. Tapes were used to cover the yellow coloured heroin packets. The BSF, on the other hand, is conducting a search in the region.

The BSF Punjab Frontier recovered the 12th consignment of drugs from various border areas of the state in April and May of this year. BSF will have a press conference on this subject at some point.