Rajasthan, 18th May 2022: After her groom arrived intoxicated, a bride became so furious that she chose to marry someone else. This incident happened in Rajasthan’s Churu area, in Chelana village, Rajgarh tehsil. The bride became enraged after learning that her groom had become intoxicated and continued to dance, causing her baarat to be delayed for hours.

Sunil, the groom and his family arrived in the bride’s village for his wedding on Sunday, May 15. The groom and his pals continued to drink beer and ‘relax’ and dance for hours after the baraat was due to leave for the bride’s residence at 9 p.m.

The mahurat (auspicious time for pheras) was delayed due to the groom’s rash dancing. The bride and her family were so fed up with the uproar made by the groom and his family and friends that they decided to cancel the wedding. The baarat was returned by the enraged bride. The bride’s family made the decision to marry her to someone else right away.

The groom’s family rushed to the Rajgarh police station after the occurrence to report the incident and file a complaint against the bride’s family. The bride’s family, on the other hand, said that the groom and his family were so relaxed about the ‘Mahurat’ that they were concerned that this attitude would continue in the future.

Following police intervention, both sides of the family said that the wedding had been cancelled due to family difficulties.