Varanasi, 5th August 2022: An emergency landing had to be made on the runway itself after a bird collided with a Mumbai-bound Vistara flight at the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi.
All the passengers are reported to be safe. After the emergency landing, the technical team rushed to the spot to find the fault in the aircraft.
According to the information, the UK 622 flight of Vistara Airlines was going to take off at 4:10 pm on Friday. While taking off, the bird collided with the nose of the plane. The plane’s pilot immediately contacted Varanasi ATC officials and after a while, the plane’s emergency landing was made at the airport. There were about 101 passengers on board the plane.
As soon as it took off from the airport, the pilot suspected that a bird collided with the plane. With which the pilot immediately contacted the ATC officials and informed them about the bird colliding with the aircraft. Emergency landing of the aircraft at 4:40 pm after getting permission from. The team of airline experts is trying to rectify the malfunction caused by the bird collision.