Bihar: Now Local Police Station Permission Required For Marriage Ceremony

Sushant Ranjan

Patna, April 27, 2021: If you are planning to organize a marriage function, you need to take permission from the local police station.

Yes, in Bihar, permission will have to be obtained from the police stations of the concerned area for marriage. The decision was taken at a meeting of high officials held on Monday with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

In the meeting, the SSP and SP of all the districts were asked to implement it immediately by videoconferencing. A letter to this effect has been issued to all the top police officers of the districts under the signature of Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Amit Kumar. It is clearly written that the number of people prescribed to attend marriage and ritual (Shraddh) under COVID-19 should be strictly implemented. Also, the concerned police stations should be alerted to ensure that rules are followed at the venue.

In fact, the government has taken strict measures in view of the increasing cases of corona in Bihar. Also, during the marriage, complaints were being received about DJ playing, dancing on the street and no control over the number of people.

People of social organizations have also requested action against them. Now the police station of the area will inspect such a venue and check them.

According to the guidelines of COVID-19, only 25 people are allowed to gather in such a ceremony.

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