Sushant Ranjan
Patna, 23 April 2021: Doctors at Nalanda Medical College and Hospital (NMCH), the largest covid hospital in Bihar, have gone on strike since Thursday night amidst uncontrollable coronavirus infection in the state. This has caused a crisis for about 500 corona infected patients admitted to the hospital.

Angry relatives vandalized the hospital on Thursday after the death of a patient. Junior doctors say that now they will return to work only after the deployment of an adequate number of police personnel. Currently, the hospital’s senior doctors are busy handling the situation. The superintendent of the hospital has asked the administration to deploy 20 policemen in three shifts in the hospital.

The number of infected people is continuously increasing. A few weeks ago, more than 95 percent of corona patients were getting healthy, now only 80 people out of 100 can beat the coronavirus.

According to the data of the state government, there are now about 70,000 identified active patients in Bihar. Identified means they have examined, many patients have not been examined.

Doctors at NMCH say that the district administration is not fulfilling its assurance. In such a situation it is not possible to work without security. The administration has set up a police post in the hospital, but the junior doctors want the number of the police force to be deployed 24 hours a day in three shifts of 20 numbers each.

Due to this, there was a ruckus on Thursday. Family of patients say that senior doctors do not even go to see patients. Only junior doctors are treating them.

There is also a lot of tension about oxygen in NMCH. Supply is not being available as per the requirement.