Kishanganj, November 1, 2020:  All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi has written to the Election Commission of India against attack on his party’s candidate in Purnia district. A complaint with local police station (Rauta) has also been submitted.

Today AIMIM MP from Aurangabad, Imtiyaz Jaleel, addressed a press conference about the incident. “I have spoken to the Superintendent of Police and he has assured of security. Our workers were attacked as AIMIM candidate is going to win the election. There should be a thorough probe into the whole incident and strict action should be taken”, Jaleel said.

Owaisi’s letter states, “I would like to draw your urgent attention to increasingly violent attacks on behalf of the candidates of the Janata Dal (United) and Indian National Congress in Bihar’s Assembly Constituency of Amour. On the 30th of October, 2020 an attack was carried out by the Janata Dal (United) candidate from Amour, Saba Zafar on AIMIM party workers in the area of Bara Eidgah. While AIMIM party workers were going through the area of Bara Eidgah market, Saba Zafar and his driver stopped our party workers and viciously attacked them. His driver first attacked our party workers, namely, Shoaib and Imran (r/o of Bara Eidgah) and then Saba Zafar (himself present in the car) stepped out and attacked them violently, causing grievous injuries to them. This attack was clearly carried out with the intention to cause Shoaib and lmran fatal injuries, besides intimidating them and preventing them from participating in the electoral process.

On the 31st of October, 2020 another attack was carried out against AIMIM party workers in the area of Koshibari on the instructions of Indian National Congress candidate from Amour, Abdul Jalil Mastan. Around 7 PM, our party workers were canvassing for AIMIM candidate Mr. Akhtarul Iman in the Koshibari area when 100-150 men on two-wheelers associated with Mastan stopped our party workers’ vehicle and started abusing them.

Then they started violently attacking them and the car. The car was damaged using large rocks and the persons in them, including, Abu Mohammed Saiyyam, Mohd Bilal, etc were attacked fatally using dangerous weapons such as iron rods, lathis, sharp iron rods. The Injuries will show that the intention of the attackers was to cause them grievous injuries. They also looted the money that was on their person (in total, approximately 13,000 rupees) as well as canvassing materials that were in the car. The victims include Mohammed Bilal, Abu Shyam Mohammed, Abu Mohammed Saiyyam, Shadaab, Akhtar, Nasir, Sahibul, Mohammed Shareef, Mohammed Ibrahim, Jaaney Alam, etc. All of them have multiple injuries and they are concerned about their safety. In light of the above circumstances, it is clear that AIMIM party workers and the candidate, Mr. Akhtarul !man face grave danger to their life, limb and property. If one has to conduct a free and fair election in Amour Assembly Constituency, it is essential that immediate action is taken against Abdul Jalil Mastan and Saba Zafar.”

Owaisi demanded security for AIMIM candidate Akhatrul Iman till atleast 10th November, when the results of the assembly elections will be declared.