Harleen Kaur Grewal

The United States of America, March 22, 2021: Former US President Donald Trump was suspended by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites following the attack on the Capitol building in Washington on January 6 this year. Trump now plans to launch his own social media platform. As per reports, Trump will start appearing on social media in the next three months. This has been reported by Jason Miller, a senior consultant at Trump, to American television network Fox News. Miller said the platform would be large and would attract millions of people.

He further thinks that Trump will return to social media. After the Washington attack, after Facebook and Twitter, YouTube also deleted new video content uploaded by Donald Trump from its platform. Trump’s channel was suspended on charges of breach of service conditions. Snapchat said in their statement, “We banned Donald Trump forever on our platform, taking care of the interest of the people. There were frequent misinformation, provocative speeches posted from his account.”

Twitter had previously blocked Trump’s account for 12 hours following allegations on Trump in an attack on the Capitol in Washington DC and deleted three of his tweets, including a video. But later the company suspended his account permanently.