Patna, 12th June 2022: A video has gone viral on social media in which a High Court judge is seen reprimanding a senior IAS officer for the dress code. The judge can be heard asking if they are in the cinema hall wearing such clothes. It is being told that this video is from Patna High Court.

In fact, NDTV has told in one of its reports quoting this viral video that this matter is of the court of Judge P.B. Bajanthri. All this happened when some matter was being debated in the court and during this time senior IAS officer Anand Kishor stood up to speak. Judge P. B. Bajanthri stopped him and raised questions about his dress code.

According to the report, the judge asked him if he doesn’t know how one must dress to appear in the court, at least the coat and collar should not be open. Not only this, he almost reprimanded the IAS officer saying, “Did you not attend the Civil Services Training Institute in Mussoorie, do you think it is a cinema hall.”

There was complete silence in the court when the judge said so. Although IAS officer Anand Kishore was seen clarifying the judge’s question, the judge did not listen to him. During this, lawyers were also present around the IAS officer. It is being told that IAS Anand Kishore is considered very close to Bihar CM.