Friyana Munshi

Ambala, March 12, 2021: Airtel’s main server office in Ambala caught fire. The network is operated from this office of the Airtel Company based in Ambala. It is being said that Airtel’s network in Haryana has come to a standstill due to the fire. Later it was worked upon and the mobile service is beginning to flow slowly in different areas.

The fire broke out at the Airtel Company office located in Saha on Ambala Jagadhri National Highway. The fire started around two o’clock. The fire brigade was informed regarding the incident. Within a short time, quite a few fire engines arrived in the vicinity.

The fire broke out as soon as the fire was reported. Employees were ejected. Fire personnel gathered to control the fire. The staff and fire officials present there stated that there was no loss of life or property in any way. However, the equipment operating the network has been burnt. At the same time, the staff says that the server office has been damaged due to the fire. Due to this, the mobile network was disconnected. Mobile and Internet were shut down. The reasons for the fire are not yet clear.

The Airtel network was stalled at around three o’clock. When the network did not work for a long time, people started reacting seriously towards the matter. But the reason for the connection disappearing was not yet understood. It was the first time that the network was completely stalled for more than an hour. But when a fire broke out in the office of the Airtel Company in Ambala, the reason for the network coming to a standstill became clear. The way in which the fire erupted in the Ambala office makes it difficult to say how long it will take to restore its control and system. Accordingly, it may take a long time for the network facility to resume.

Contacting other server offices

Airtel company officials assured that the problem regarding the network will be resolved soon. In other districts, server offices are being contacted. Soon the network will be operational in the whole of Haryana. Some servers were also networked from the office.