Hyderabad, 8 April 2022: Commemorating the World Health Day, AIG Hospitals’ added an entire segment of Preventive Healthcare under the AIG Wellness Centre which got inaugurated by Sri Harish Rao, Health Minister, Telangana. This centre is a one-of-its-kind in India – which aims to redefine Preventive Healthcare by introducing precision and personalized medicine to its services.

Elaborating on the concept, Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals said, “The focus on preventive healthcare has gained attention especially in the last decade as lifestyle disorders are becoming increasingly common in our society. We studied the science behind preventive health and curated innovative wellness services unlike the ones currently available elsewhere. Our unique proposition is that we are using advanced diagnostic technologies to customize and bring out a thorough understanding of an individual’s current health concerns. At AIG, we have gone one step further and would also be studying an individual’s whole DNA. This in turn shall enable us to predict, to a fair degree of accuracy, the potential health risks that an individual may face in the future.”

Sri Harish Rao while addressing the gathering on the occasion said, “Hyderabad is becoming a global hub for medical tourism and with such advanced centres where not only high-quality treatment is provided but it is backed by clinical research, I am sure will create a benchmark in terms of patient care across the world.” Sri Rao further added that “I am inspired by Dr D Nageshwar Reddy’s commitment towards his patients, and we are proud to have an institution like AIG hospitals with unique testing facilities for our city and the entire country.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, said, “We are extremely glad and privileged to have Sri Harish Rao with us today, a man with a great sense of healthcare for the opening of our wellness centre. The government’s focus on health is going to make Telangana self-sufficient in terms of healthcare infrastructure and services.” Dr. Reddy further added that “Our Wellness Centre is not just a place for general master health check-ups but with genomic technology we can precisely know an individual’s risk factor for diseases, response to certain drugs, allergies, diet and nutritional requirements, among others. With all this vital information at our hand, we can decide specific tests, its frequency, customize diets, prescribe specific medicine and in general, customize treatment for each individual. This is what is called personalized, precision medicine, which can predict the occurrence of diseases in any healthy individual over the next 5 years.”

The Wellness Centre offers personalized health packages, each of them designed for both men and women exclusively, including both essential and advanced investigations.