New Delhi, 02nd March 2023: In a landmark initiative that aims to provide impetus to research-based teaching, learning, and training in schools in India, Zamit, a leading AI-enabled one-stop solution provider for school education, in association with The Future Foundation, a not-for-profit body, has announced a research grant worth INR 1 million.

The grant will be extended to select schools and independent teachers for demonstrably implementing research-driven teaching and learning solutions to help their students become future-ready. The announcement of this grant has been in tune with the focus and recommendations of the government’s New Economic Policy or NEP 2020, which seeks to drive a research-based approach to teach in schools endorsing the incorporation of future-ready skill training as an integral part of subject learning and curricula.

“As an AI-based learning solution provider, we value the special role that original research-based insights and modern thinking can play in how children learn and teachers teach today in our schools. With the announcement of this research grant, we wish to foster a culture of original thinking that draws upon modern teaching and learning principles and practices and suggests readily-practicable solutions for upgrading our school education system. ,” said Mr. Aarul Malaviya, Founder and Director of Zamit.

Furthermore, To receive this grant, both schools and independent teachers must submit a research proposal which will be vetted by a screening committee appointed by Zamit and its academic partner Qualifications and Assessments International, or QAI, UK.

At the same time, while schools must demonstrate the desire to support at least 500 students, teachers must be able to keep at least 50 school students in their journey of future readiness. The grant will be available to primary and secondary school teachers with at least three years of relevant teaching experience and demonstratable skills in implementing new and innovative teaching and mentoring methods.

Besides, the grant will comprise Rs 30,000 in cash support per school and Rs 15,000 in cash for each teacher. In all, twenty schools and twenty school teachers are to benefit from this program. Once selected for the program, the schools and independent teachers, also accounting for NEP 2020 recommendations, will need to undertake independent and original research linked to Zamit’s Nine Dimensions of Students and provide recommendations that can be practically and easily implemented in schools.

Apart from a research proposal of not more than 500 words for interested school applicants, a brief background on teachers representing the school will need to be submitted. One school must only submit one research proposal, and if selected, the research must be completed within three months of receipt of the grant proposal. Similarly, for teacher applicants, if selected post-submission of a research proposal, they will have to complete their research within three months.