Agra, 16th December 2022: In a fit of anger, a young man in Agra kidnapped the nephew of his girlfriend’s new boyfriend to take revenge on her. The accused has stated that he kidnapped the young boy because his girlfriend left him. Police found the boy and reunited him with his family within 12 hours.

Murari’s five-year-old son Puneet, a resident of Tedhi Bagiya, was playing outside the house late Thursday evening. When he did not return home, the family members went out to find him. They came to know that Bhupendra, a youth from Kachhpura, had come to their house around 6 pm, and Puneet had been missing since then.

Police found the accused and the child in Mathura. The accused explained that his girlfriend left him to be in a relationship with another boy. The accused caught the attention of this boy’s nephew with chocolates and kidnapped him.