New Delhi, 10th June 2021: After the departure of veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Jitin Prasada to the BJP, former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot, who rebelled against the party last year has also indicated a show of strength in Delhi before the party high command, alleging that the promises were not being implemented.

On the other hand, the Pilot camp is excited by the statement of support from former Union Minister Jitendra Bhanwar Singh, close to former party president Rahul Gandhi. Meanwhile, Ashok Gehlot has increased the vigil at the borders to prevent the MLAs of the pilot camp from going out of the state.

The pilot alleges that their demands have not yet been heard. There has not been a single meeting of the three-member committee set up by the party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi to settle controversial issues, while efforts are being made in the case of Punjab.

Rahul Gandhi’s confidant and former Union minister Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday that the promises made to Pilot should be fulfilled. Jitendra Singh, who has remained away from the state camp till now, said that political appointments should be done soon.

In fact, the state government has received inputs that the MLAs of the pilot camp can go to Delhi, Gujarat or Haryana and build barricades at any time. The CID has informed that two MLAs of the Gehlot camp are in touch with the Pilot. In such a situation, Gehlot is also groping the minds of MLAs through his special leaders.