Delhi, 25th November 2022: The lie detector-polygraph test of Aftab Poonawala, the main accused in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, went on for almost eight hours on Thursday. The test was conducted at the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Delhi’s Rohini area. Details of what questions Aftab was asked and what information he gave in the trial have emerged.

The lie detector test started at 11:50 am. Initially, Aftab’s blood pressure was checked. He was then questioned during the trial about his childhood, his friends, and his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar. In the next session, Aftab was asked questions regarding Shraddha’s murder. During the trial, the investigating agencies tried to find out information about what exactly happened that night when Shraddha was killed in a fit of rage, when exactly the murder was done, where exactly the evidence related to the murder was hidden, and other questions. Although Aftab was asked all the questions in Hindi, he answered all the questions in English.

During the trial, Aftab was also asked about the sequence of events since he started dating Shraddha. Similarly, questions were asked about how he disposed of Shraddha’s body after dismembering it into 35 pieces. According to the information given by ‘India Today’ quoting sources in FSL, officials and experts are trying to find out where exactly Aftab threw the pieces of Shraddha’s body. Also, the police are trying to find out from the test where he threw Shraddha’s phone. It is estimated that with the help of phones, the police can do a lot of investigation and get hold of evidence.

According to sources, Aftab cooperated with the authorities during the investigation. A total of 50 questions were asked of Aftab. The test was not conducted at the scheduled time i.e. on Wednesday as Aftab was suffering from a fever and cold. During the trial, Aftab was also asked about the weapon he used to mutilate the body. PTI has reported that FSL sources said that this will help in the further investigation, and which weapon was used, they can investigate in that direction. Aftab’s narco test is likely to take place next week.

Aftab was arrested last Saturday. After that, he was sent to police custody for five days, which was increased after four days on Tuesday. Aftab will be taken to a forest lake in Mehrauli along with a lake in Maidan Garhi to search for the remains of the organs. According to his description, the lake in which the organ pieces were thrown has been drawn. It was said by the Delhi Police that Aftab’s police custody has been requested to be extended as the investigation is ongoing. “Based on the application, we have got another four days’ police custody of the accused,” a police official said. “It will help in gathering more evidence. Permission was also granted to conduct a truth-finding test (lie detector-polygraph test). Accordingly, this test was conducted,” the official further explained.