Uttar Pradesh, 17th May 2022: Advocate Commissioner Ajay Mishra has been removed from the commission by the court in the Gyanvapi Shringar Gauri case. Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh, from now on will present the report of the commission’s proceedings in the court.
While not taking any decision on an application filed on behalf of the plaintiff, it has been said to be heard tomorrow. In this application, the plaintiff had demanded removal of the debris kept in some parts of the basement and re-survey by breaking the wall of a closed part.

On May 16, after the completion of video and photography in the Gyanvapi Masjid premises, the Advocate Commissioner was ordered to file the report in the court on Tuesday. On behalf of the Special Advocate Commissioner, an application was given in the court.

During the debate on this application, the Muslim side made serious allegations against Advocate Commissioner Ajay Mishra. They say that he had involved an outsider in the proceedings which has breached the secrecy of the proceedings.Taking this seriously, the court removed Ajay Mishra. After he was accused of not taking interest in the work of the commission and leaking information in the media, action was taken against him .
After this, Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh will file the report. Vishal Singh had sought two days’ time to file the report. He said that during the survey, the map of the premises is also being done by two skilled draftsmen of Varanasi Development Authority. It is taking some time. The court gave him two days to file the report. At the same time, time has been fixed for hearing on the application filed by the plaintiff side.