National, June 10, 2021: MyGate, India’s largest community management solution, conducted a survey among housing society residents across all major cities to understand perceptions around, and interest in, in-society vaccination drives. 11,000 residents participated. The findings of the survey were stark, with residents showing immense urgency in getting their families, as well as daily help, vaccinated. On average, a home needed 2.8 vaccines.

Conducted in May 2021, the other key highlights of the survey were that 98% of residents are keen on taking the vaccine within the gates of their housing society as the process can be completed within their society with lesser chance of getting exposed to possible infection.  The survey also revealed that 50% of the respondents were open to taking either Covishield or Covaxin; nearly 25% were open to taking Sputnik as well.

In-Society Drives

In response, the company has put in place partnerships with healthcare organisations for the administration of vaccines and has been assisting societies and residents in various ways to ensure a safe and smooth event. The Exotica, Tata Raisina Residency and Central Park in Gurgaon and PEBL CIty in Hyderabad are among the first societies to benefit from this initiative. MyGate is planning to extend the services to other cities as well. The company has also added functionality to its app that allows users to block slots in the drive and pay for them.

Speaking about the initiative, Abhishek Kumar, COO & Co-founder, MyGate, said, “The consensus among our users and partners is strong that vaccination drives be conducted within the society gates, and we’re fortunate to be in a position to facilitate this request. We believe our technology and operational expertise can be put to good use in this situation and are eager to organise as many vaccination drives for our societies as possible.”

Mrs. Leena Sarkar Ali, VP, Resident Welfare Association, TATA Raisina Residency, said, “MyGate’s efforts in bringing CK Birla Hospital to our society and then coordinating a smooth and efficient vaccination drive are highly appreciated. Our residents, together with many of their daily help, were able to get their jab in the society itself with all the safety measures followed.”

Mr. Chandra Kumar, Chairman, PEBL City, Hyderabad, which used MyGate to collect payments for the drive, said, “We first used MyGate to gauge interest in a vaccination drive and got over 2000 responses, so we knew there was interest. On arranging the vaccines via Aster Hospital, we used the app again to let residents book their slots in different areas, such as badminton court, clubhouse and gym. The app also conveniently allowed us to restrict the number of slots per home and the total available per session. We collected Rs. 20 lakh via MyGate and over 4000 residents, staff and daily help are vaccinated.”

Other Features

Since the onset of the pandemic, MyGate has been continuously adapting its app to the needs of the time. Its 10 features — including Leave at Gate, Temperature & Mask Check, Quarantine at Home — today help its users minimise risky contact with visitors and also manage internal affairs smoothly. The company has also been organising mass RT-PCR drives for societies.