Lucknow, 14th February 2023: In Lucknow, two friends gang-raped a class 12 student after taking her hostage at her house. During this, her video was also made. Threatening to make the video viral, both of them raped her on the second day as well. Distressed, the student informed the family members. After this, on Monday, a case was filed against both of them at the Sushant Golf City police station.

The victim is a class 12 student from a private school. Both the accused are also class 12 students. Inspector Shailendra Giri said that the family members of the student alleged that she was alone at home on February 10. Meanwhile, both reached and started molesting, threatening and beating her up when she protested. Then both of them raped her after taking her hostage. During this, one also made a video on mobile. They threatened her with making the video viral if she told anyone of the incident.