New Delhi, 23 September 2023: YAI Senior National Sailing Championships 2023 is being held in Mumbai off Colaba from 20th to 26th September 2023 and being hosted by the Army Yachting Node, Mumbai with Indian Naval Watermanship Training Centre, Mumbai as the co-hosts for this edition.

A total of 82 entries have been received from sixteen clubs across India making this one of the most popular events of the year. Technical checks and registrations were carried out on 20 and 21 September 2023.

Racing on Day 1 (21 Sep 2023) commenced in very light winds but the conditions soon changed with the arrival of dark clouds and rain. The winds and waves make for challenging racing conditions and tested the sailors skills. The organizers could conduct two races in all classes except iQFoil in which only one race was conducted.

Racing on Day 2 (22 Sep 2023) was called off due to heavy rains and poor visibility.

Overall results after two days of the event are as under:-

_ILCA 7 _
1. Sikanshu Singh (AYN)
2. Avinash Yadav (INWTC,Mb)
3. Deepak Saini (INWTC, Mb)

1. Ritika Dangi (NSS)
2. Pearl Colvalcar (GYA)
3. Harmeet Kaur (INWTC, Vizag)

RS:X (M)
1. Mithilesh Kumar (AYN) 2. Vijay B More (INWTC, Goa) 3. Abhinay Yadav (NSS,Bhopal)

iQFoil (M)
1. Dayne Coelho (GYA)
2. Aditya Sangwan (AYN)
3. Maneesh Raaja (AYN)

iQFoil (W)
1. Katya Coelho (GYA)

1. S Yadav/A Suryavanshi (INWTC, Mb)
2. A Thakur/S Rangad (INWTC, Mb)
3. P Noble/M Francis (AYN)

470 (Mixed)
1. Shraddha Verma/Ravindra Sharma (INWTC, Mb)
2. K Tanuja/Jaideep (INWTC, Mb)
3. Uma Chauhan (NSS) / CHS Reddy (AYN)

Nacra 17 (Mixed)
1. Aman Vyas / Aastha Senapati (INWTC, Mb)
2. Brijraj Verma / Vishaka Pawar (INWTC, Mb)

Formula Kite (M)
1. Hridin NK (AYN)