Cryptocurrency is the new Eureka Phenomenon, not just in the world of finance and technology but also in day to day life. From being termed as the future of currencies in the new-age world to being the uber cool and preferred form of investments, cryptocurrency is the hottest talk of the town. However, cryptocurrencies can confuse beginners or at times can limit the level of expansion for regular traders. Deepcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency applications, offers some of the best features in the industry.

Deepcoin is dedicated to the development of an innovative and safe trading application for new crypto users and experienced traders. We want users to enjoy and benefit greatly from our exchange.

 – Ego Huang, CEO of Deepcoin

Here is a list of what makes the brand different from the rest:

No Entry Barrier: Theres no façade to enter the application. If you have a computer or smartphone, you can start trading immediately. Just register using an email or telephone number, its simple!

Differentiated Crypto Portfolio: The brand provides you with an opportunity to build a differentiated crypto portfolio with nearly hundreds of tokens!

High-line Security: The brand offers secure hot and cold wallet structures that are created and run by the best of the people in the cryptocurrency industry

Ease of Use: Users can pick favorites and organise their trades easily. It’s got clear open and limit trade views within minutes! Take profit and Stop loss functions are clear and simple. Need we say more?

Hassle Free: One can purchase cryptocurrency with their debit card and no KYC is required. The brand promises serious business, with no hassles, whatsoever!

Lucrative Trading Fees: With one of the lowest trading fees in the industry, Deepcoin charges only 0.04 & 0.06% for maker and taker trades.

Trust Factor: The brand is trusted and downloaded by over 1 million users worldwide.

Unique Trading Functions: The brand boasts of certain features that no one else in the industry offers. They include:

·        Asset View – One can see their spot trade average P&L in real time

·        K-Line Quick Trading – Place a trade directly on the K-Line chart!

·        Dual Chart Stacking Functionality

·        One can make up to 20 trades at a time in each currency

·        One gets up to 50 TP/SL options per trade

Maximum savings: The users money in Deepcoin earns interest of DeFi 6-12% return based on your  holdings and trading activity!

Rewarding: The brand hosts monthly battles and promotions enabling users to compete and earn rewards from the best!

Deepcoin is Indias leading cryptocurrency application that is based out of Singapore. The application is available to download from all major digital stores. Start investing now!