New Delhi, 5th February 2022: Meta formerly known as Facebook company has suffered tremendous losses in India last year. The company has suffered a loss of about 8 percent in profits during the December 2021 quarter. Which is 10.28 billion (about Rs 76,800 crore).

This figure was about $ 11.21 billion (about Rs 83,800) a year ago. But in the last year, the craze of Facebook in India has decreased. The reason for the decline of Facebook’s craze in India is due to Indian telecom companies.

According to the Meta report, “due to Covid-19 in the whole world including the Asia Pacific, there was a lot of growth in the number of Facebook users. But in India last year in December and January 2022, due to the increase in the price of data, there was a decline in the number of Facebook users.”

They further added “due to these two activities, there has been a sharp decline in the number of users of the company. Especially in India, people are increasingly leavinSet featured imageg Facebook.” This was disclosed by Dave Wehner, Meta’s Chief Financial Officer during the company’s earnings call.

Meta’s total revenue has increased by 20 percent to $ 33.67 billion (about Rs 2,51,600 crore). The number of monthly active users of Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp has increased by 9 percent to 3.59 billion compared to last year.