Dr Nikhil Anand

I would like to ask questions from Shatrughan Sinha, the Bihar’s most popular film artist in Bollywood, that how many Bihari youths he has promoted and given protection? If Shatrughan Sinha ever saw Sushant’s films and called him on the phone to appreciate or met him! Other established people in Bollywood from Bihar are Prakash Jha, Udit Narayan, Manoj Bajpayee, Pankaj Tripathi, Shekhar Suman, Sanjay Mishra etc. What would be their attitude towards young artists like Sushant? I want to know all this because all these people have been Sushant of their time who made it big in Bollywood. I wish they should all have been present during Sushant’s cremation or at least met the family members of the departed soul to show community solidarity. Thanks to noted playback singer Udit Narayan who not only looked very emotional but was present to pay last respect and tribute to Sushant.

What is this deadly competition that doesn’t let you stand for the brothers from the same roots and land? If this is the case, then this colourful curtain fame is just based on the foundation of lies and deceit which is an illusion. The popularity and importance of the talented Sushant from Bihar can also be gauged when Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi also expressed his deepest condolences over the death of the talented actor.

With Sushant’s death comes the surprise of grief, anguish and resentment from all over the country especially Bihar and Purvanchal region. The silly part is that Sonakshi Sinha wants to stop the reactions by terming it as part of politics. Obviously, she indirectly wants to be the spokesperson of particular Bollywood brigade who is at the receiving end for Sushant’s loss. Sonakshi Sinha is an example who doesn’t have a sense of respect for someone coming from his root and common culture. So she can’t understand the agony and pain of a common Bihari over the loss of Sushant. It is clear that Mumbai’s Silver spoon and Lollipop sons and daughters of big stars are unaware of those who became big stars by struggling. The daughters and sons of these actors are completely unaware of the spirit of a common struggling Biharis who struggle hard to create a name of their own.

Being successful in Bollywood by bowing to mafias is a different matter but being Sushant Singh Rajput needs not only great talent but guts and courage is a different thing. A boy from a small town in Bihar, Sushant was the representative of every struggling Bihari and Purvanchali youth of today whose feet are firmly on land but they dream of touching the sky. The reaction after the death of Sushant is very natural but many of them are terming it as an exaggeration.

As some sources say, Sushant Singh Rajput had 7 films but under the conspiracy of some concerned director, producers he was kicked out of these films. No denying that Sushant was removed from these films under pressure from certain Bollywood coterie and mafias. The identity of these people should also be made public. Some people in Bollywood who define stardom, success and failure! Interestingly, they are all big names. Not only Upcoming actors but the established names also do not speak out against Bollywood mafia out of fear. The whole scenario gives direct and indirect recognition to the mafias. Bollywood is a gathering of self- centred and self- obsessed people. The Mafias here writes the success story. The failure and future are set by Bollywood brigades on behalf of the Mafias. The reality is that success in Bollywood is not just determined by hard work and struggle.

Entry in Bollywood is very difficult, it is impossible to survive. Even if you get into this industry, staying until the end is very difficult. The survival here is not tough but the success is a tough proportion which needs the blessing of known and unknown Bosses. If one decides to stay under their shadow and become the disciples of Bollywood Mafias, the journey is smooth. But anyone who refuses to follow the dictates of master’s voice is killed slowly by these people. Sushant Singh Rajput refused to bow down to these people. He was a self-made man which provoked the gang of Bollywood mafia of an unintentional challenge. Sushant tried to show that he was in Bollywood and had different standards of success and was established by pure hard work, struggle and passion.

The question is that playing in the dusty soil of Bihar to the Mumbai film city, who was the mafia who disliked Sushant Singh Rajput who created his existence? The shameful aspect is that even after Sushant’s death, the vicious mafias did not spare him. They have sworn to do publicity and propaganda in collaboration with professional media after his death. The silly mafias are trying to give another colour to the whole issue of suicide of Sushant through an attempt of character assassination by diverting the entire matter.

All the suicides in Bollywood till date have resulted in suspicious deaths. As far as punishment is concerned, no one has been proved guilty ever. There is a mafia gang that deals with the business of profit – loss, success – failure and hit- flop in the Bollywood industry.

A slight tide of sensation arises on the deaths but, with a little stir, the atmosphere becomes completely professional again. The truth about Sushant’s death is revolving, about which Kangana Ranaut came out openly, Abhinav Kashyap wrote openly and Shekhar Kapur expressed emotionally. The so-called cunning foxes under the disguise of big names have kept their silence for fear of the loss of life or career. Sushant’s death is witnessing the nationwide response which is natural and spontaneous outrage. Bollywood mafia did not spare Sushant, but Sushant’s death brought their face in the public domain.

It is a request to the Baby-Baba and Mafia Brigade of Mayanagari to not shed crocodile tears over the sad demise of Sushant and don’t misuse it as an occasion to use it for your publicity.

It is a request to the people of Bihar, Purvanchal region and everyone who genuinely feel the loss of Sushant to boycott films by the Bollywood Mafia and their kin, kith and close connivance. I also appeal on behalf of every sensitive person including Sushant’s family and especially from people of Bihar to impartially investigate Sushant’s death. It is important so that the people behind the fragrant clothes and coloured glasses get exposed. Expose the infamous faces and let no other Sushant die of conspiracy and nepotism.

(Nikhil Anand is a Spokesperson of Bihar BJP. He studied at Loyola Patna, JNU, DU, IIMC completing his M.Phil. & PhD degree. He has been a journalist for 17 years in different capacities in the Television News Industry)