New Delhi, 17th November 2022: WhatsApp has rolled out another feature to run the same account on two phones. Users have been demanding this feature for a long time.
The company rolled out the multi-device support feature last year, but in this, one account could be accessed on one phone and four devices.
In the new update, the company is giving the feature of running the same account on other phones as well.
Below is the method through which an account can be run simultaneously on two phones:
• First of all install the latest version of WhatsApp on both of your phones. – Open WhatsApp on your second phone and
tap on the option with Agree and Continue.
• Tap on the three dots given in the top right corner.
• Now tap on the option called Link a device. Now open your primary device and tap on the three dots at the top right.
• Now tap on the option with Linked Devices. After this, you have to tap on the option of Link a device.
• Finally, scan the QR code displayed on the secondary phone.