Bengaluru, 23 August 2021: Leading voice AI company, has changed its name to Skit, as the company prepares to cater to international markets and meet the ever-rising expectations in the customer service space. The company has opened its United States headquarters in New York City, further strengthening its global presence.

Due to pandemic-imposed restrictions, markets across all segments have been profoundly disrupted, causing them to pivot towards digital-only businesses. The transition has especially affected customer contact centers, where wait times have increased to 30 to 40 minutes, forcing enterprises to automate their support operations. This is where Skit can help by automating upto 80% of repetitive queries that come in or leave the contact center, and thereby improving resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores and overall ROI.

Skit’s vision is to enable a voice-first future that allows enterprises to deliver superior customer engagements across all domains. Its innovative voice technology can be tailored to address enterprise challenges and industry requirements, making it simple to integrate and effective in resolving support challenges. Through its new headquarters, the company is building a strong customer base in North America by making its product available to US enterprises.

Talking about the re-branding, Sourabh Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Skit said“Through this brand refresh, we want to define our future goals as we propel Skit to our next level of growth and innovation. While covered only part of our voice operations, which is extensive language support, Skit will capture and embody our voice platform as a whole, which will allow us to advance in our future vision. Each interaction between a business and its customers is an opportunity to create something remarkable. Using our core technology, we want to introduce the future of customer experiences to the world.”

The new name was generated with artificial intelligence using a series of keyword filters to come up with the best fit for the company’s focus and future goals. Skit means to move lightly and rapidly, and is representative of the company’s agile and energetic approach to solving challenges and scaling growth. With this rebranding, the company is also expanding its focus to include more than just language and voice to make room for increased innovation and endless possibilities.

Launched in 2016, Skit’s voice AI product, VIVA (Vernacular Intelligent Voice Assistant) automates enterprise contact centers and is designed to deliver quick customer query resolution and enhanced customer experiences. With 10+ million hours of training data, VIVA enables natural conversations in 16+ languages and 160+ dialects for 25+ clients across diverse sectors such as banking, F&B, e-commerce, insurance, consumer durables and travel and hospitality.