Agartala, 19th January 2023: Bharti Airtel, a supplier of telecommunications services, announced the launch of its 5G services in Agartala.

Customers will be able to access Airtel 5G Plus services in phases as the business builds up its network and completes the rollout. Until the rollout is more extensive, customers with 5G capable smartphones can use the high-speed Airtel 5G Plus network without paying extra.

The service is currently operational at the Tripura Secretariat, Chowmuhani Bazar, Santipara, Durjoy Nagar, Jogendra Nagar, Amtola, East Champamura, Rani Bazar, Mohanpur, Chandrapur, Indranagar, Sib Nagar, Kanchan Nagar, Khayerpur, and Madhya Charipara in Agartala.

In due course, Airtel will expand its network, making its services accessible throughout the city.

Bharti Airtel’s CEO for Assam and the North Eastern States, Rajnish Verma, said, “I am happy to announce the launch of Airtel 5G Plus in Agartala. Customers of Airtel in Agartala can now benefit from an ultrafast network with speeds up to 20–30 times quicker than those of existing 4G. We are currently working on lighting up the entire city so that users may enjoy speedy access to activities like gaming, numerous chats, rapid photo uploads, and HD video streaming.”