Delhi, 20 December 2022: A number of adoption orders have been issued by District Magistrates all over the country during last two months soon after notification of the Adoption Regulations in the month of September 2022. After the issue of notification total 691 children have been adopted till today. On the date of notification 905 number of adoption orders were pending. As on date the pendency has come down to 617.

Now PAPs can opt for their home states/region. This has been mandated to ensure that the child and the family adjust well with each other, belonging to the same socio-cultural milieu. The module became operational wef 10.11.2022 and since then 2745 RIs ,13 NRIs, 15 Overseas cardholder citizens of India (OCI), 38 foreigners and 5 cases under Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (HAMA) have been registered on the new module.

In order to promote in-country adoptions, a new provision has been mandated in Adoption Regulations 2022 where in those children who could not find families within their stipulated referral cycles, are now being offered to RI, NRI, OCI, PAPs, irrespective of their seniority. This step has been immensely welcomed by Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs). The first referral under the provision was run on 14.11.2022 and so far 47 children have been reserved. These children would have otherwise been referred to foreign PAPs.

HAMA module has been made operational w.e.f 10.11.2022. The module is facilitating registration of PAPs who have adopted under HAMA and who wish to relocate the child abroad. Five such cases have already been registered.

Adoption orders are being issued through online system. All DMs of the country are registered on the Module. This has made the process of issue of Adoption Order faster and transparent. Verification of health status of the children by CMO has also started through the online system. So far, 338 CMOs have been registered on the Module.

Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has been taking pro-active efforts towards reducing pendency at the level of Child Welfare Committees enabling them to declare the legal status of children expeditiously as per the JJ Act. After notification of the Regulations on 23-09-2022 with intervention of CARA Help Desk, CWC pendency has been reduced to 812 (beyond four months). From the date of notification of the regulations till 19-12-2022, 503 Legally Free for Adoption (LFA) certificates have been uploaded.

Ministry of Women and Child Development is committed to ensuring permanent rehabilitation of children though process of adoption as envisaged in the Adoption Regulations-2022 issued on 23rd September, 2022. The JJ Rules were notified on 1st September, 2022. Under the JJ Rules 2022, the District Magistrate have been given the power to issue the Adoption Order. Earlier this power was exercised by the Judiciary.