New Delhi, 15 April 2021: Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour, GoI has already initiated the first phase of field work of two surveys namely All India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES) and All India Survey of Migrant Workers w.e.f. 1stof April, 2021.

Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) is providing the IT as well as the HR support to Labour Bureau in conducting these pan India Surveys. A huge number of field enumerators & supervisors are required for conducting these all-India surveys through tablets/ CAPI. These supervisors and enumerators are hired from all across the country. In order to make these surveys effective, smooth and successful, the training of these investigators and supervisors is of immense importance.

However, in the light of amid pandemic of COVID-19, Labour Bureau has decided and conducted three days online Training Programme on two recently launched surveys – All India Survey of Migrant Workers and All India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES)for more than 900 hired Supervisors/ Enumerators and Supervisors of the State/UT DES from 13thApril 2021 to 15thApril 2021.

The training programme was inaugurated by Sh. DPS Negi, Director General (DG), Labour Bureau on 13.04.2021. During the inaugural session, Sh. Hardeep Singh Chopra, Dy. Director General, at Labour Bureau and other Senior Officers of Labour Bureauand the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were present.

Shri Negi elaborated the importance of these surveys for the Government of India in order to make focused policies for the workers in the country. He also focused on the intention of the government for the betterment of the working mass in the country and the need of data for making such policies.  He interacted with the participants and elaborated them the importance of the training for the ongoing All India Surveys.

The whole training programme has been divided into two parts of one & half day each.  In the first part, training on All India Survey of Migrant Workers was imparted from 13.04.2021 to 14.04.2021 (till fore noon) and in the Second part, the training of All India Quarterly Establishment Based Employment Survey (AQEES)was conducted from afternoon of 14.04.2021 to 15.04.2021.

The training programme was conducted through Video Conferencing using latest IT tools. More than 900 participants were registered to attend the training through VC link including the state government officials nominated from the respective states.

The training was imparted by the experienced trainers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the senior officials of the Labour Bureau.

•      For All India Survey of Migrant Workers, the Trainers were Sh. Amitabh Panda, Sh. Deepak Kumar, Ms. Aayushi Mishra and Ms. Shreya Dixit.

•      For All India Quarterly Establishment Based Employment Survey, trainers were Sh. Rakesh Kumar, Sh. Gaurav Bhatia, Sh. Man Inder Kumar and Dr. Shweta Zala.

The main focus of the training was to make the participants aware and familiar about Labour Bureau, Objective and purpose of surveys, Method and details of conducting surveys, Roles & responsibilities during the surveys, Stakeholder involved in the survey, the concepts & definitions used in the surveys. Apart from this, the trainers also elaborated on Process and how to fill the listing schedule, Hamlet group Formation, SSS formation and the process of filling the detailed schedule.

The training programme was of a great success and 900 plus participants remained present and actively participated during all three days and ended with the closing remarks of DG, Labour Bureau.

These trained enumerators and supervisors will start field work in the upcoming few days in all the states of India. The first report of the Quarterly Employment (QES) is expected in July 2021 and the report of Migrant Survey is expected in November 2021.

The All-India Survey of Migrant Workers is a survey of the households having internal migrants with a special focus on migrant workers. In this survey, data will be collected on demographic, socio economic and other important aspects of migrant workers with particular reference to covid-19 pandemic to understand its’ impact on migrant will enable the government to formulate evidence-based policies on migrant workers. A part of the survey also attempts to understand the impact of COVID-19 on migrant workers in India.

The All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES) is launched with the objective of collecting the employment data on quarterly basis form all the establishments. It is designed to be an Establishment based Employment Survey which would provide estimates for the demand side conditions of the labour market.

The AQEES has two parts one is Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) and another is Area Frame Establishment Survey (AFES).  The Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) under AQEES would provide the employment estimates for the establishments employing 10 or more workers. The Area Frame Establishment Survey (AFES) has also been launched to cater to need of data driven labour welfare policy formulation, as a part of the AQEES, which would provide the employment estimates for the establishments recruiting 9 or less workers.