New Delhi, 24th March 2022: The Supreme Court on Thursday handed over the probe into corruption allegations against former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh to the CBI.

Along with this, the Supreme Court also said in its order that if any further FIR is registered in this matter, then it will be handed over to the CBI. However, the suspension of Param Bir Singh will continue. The Supreme Court said that it is not setting aside the suspension of Param Bir Singh.

The Supreme Court in its order said that five criminal cases registered by Maharashtra Police against former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh are transferred to CBI for an impartial investigation. The Supreme Court directed the Mumbai Police to hand over all the cases to the CBI within a week. Along with this, all the officers of Mumbai Police were also ordered to cooperate fully with the CBI in the investigation.

A bench of Justices SK Kaul and MM Sundresh said that there is a blurry picture at the higher level of power on who should investigate the matter. This is a very important matter, therefore it needs to be investigated fairly so that the faith of common people can be maintained. We are of the view that the State Government should have recommended a CBI inquiry in this matter.

The bench of the Supreme Court said that prima facie we are of the view that some concrete things require a CBI inquiry. What is the truth, whose fault is it, how did such a scenario come to the fore? These are things that need to be investigated. CBI should investigate all these aspects. We order that all the five FIRs registered, in this case, be handed over to the CBI along with all the documents. All these processes should be done within a week.