The quotient of fear and courage are at loggerheads in the semi-finals of COLORS’ ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’. While the question of who thrives and emerges victorious in the race of conquering one’s fears remains, this weekend the show brings an action-packed extravaganza filled with moments of disappointment, accomplishment, and fun. Just a step away from the finale, the show has upped the ante with its stunts getting more dangerous, competition becoming fierce, and victory seeming elusive to all the contestants. This weekend, action guru and host, Rohit Shetty is livid as he makes it immensely clear that aborting stunts is not an option in the semi-finals after Kanika Mann and Nishant Bhat refuse to perform a stunt. The only one who performs the said stunt is the boss lady of television, Rubina Dilaik.

An enraged Rohit Shetty gives Kanika and Nishant a chance to redeem themselves with a ‘task’. It is revealed that what is hailed as a task by the host is just a ploy to mock and reprimand them for quitting the stunt assigned to them earlier. The tasks were inserting a thread in a needle and making an easy jump from one box to another.  The point that the host was trying to make by assigning them the effortless tasks hit home and Kanika and Nishant apologize to him profusely. What makes the weekend interesting is a segment called ‘a thread of bhadaas’. Through this segment, the contestants get the opportunity to vent their frustration out on each other. Mohit Malik lets out his ‘bhadaas’ on Rajiv Adatia by giving him an electric shock, only later to become a victim himself when his wife Addite Malik lets out her frustration on him.

This weekend a peculiar thing occurs with Mohit Malik losing his memory momentarily. He forgets why he is in Cape Town and the stunt assigned to him. After a few hours, he comes back to his senses and the episode arrives to the fun part where Rubina Dilaik describes every contestant in a chucklesome way. The weekend concludes on a high note as Faisal Shaikh bust out killer dance moves in a fire ring!