DELHI NCR / December 1, 2022: Tata 1mg, India’s largest digital health platform, has established its presence in Uttarakhand by launching three integrated pharmacy and diagnostics stores and a diagnostic lab in Dehradun. In a unique initiative, the company has also commenced drone service pilot for diagnostic samples and medicines in the city to ensure faster collection and delivery, avoiding delays due to road traffic.

The drones will be used to collect medical samples from various parts of the city and transport them to the Tata 1mg lab for processing. They will also be used to deliver medicines to distant areas. A single drone will be able to carry a payload of up to 150 samples. All components of the sample transportation supply chain, including drones, will be temperature-controlled, and equipped with technology to continuously monitor temperature during the flight to the lab.

Said Tanmay Saksena, Chief Operating Officer, Tata 1mg: “We are delighted to open state-of-the-art Tata 1mg stores and a diagnostic lab in Dehradun, establishing our geographical footprint in Uttarakhand, which is a very important market for us. Due to its location advantage, fast-developing economy, and robust infrastructure, Dehradun was a natural choice to expand our operations in the North. The city lies at the center of our strategy to serve other underserved markets in the state, such as Haridwar, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh. Tata 1mg is a name synonymous with trust. We look forward to offering a differentiated and elevated healthcare experience to the people of Dehradun with superior technology and systems. We will soon be opening many more Tata 1mg stores in Doon and the rest of Uttarakhand in the near future.”

Tanmay added : “Our mission is to make healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable to all. We are a technology-first company. It is our constant endeavour to figure out how technological innovations can help us achieve our mission. We look forward to leveraging drone technology in Dehradun to reduce sample transfer time and enable faster reports. Through this initiative, we want to provide the best of Tata 1mg’s services to an underserved market and change the landscape of diagnostics in the state.”

Tata 1mg is taking all necessary precautions in the flying of the drones to avoid any chances of mishaps, according to the company. Said Tanmay, “We have set up an advance check-up for the drone, before and after the flight is done. The drone analyses its own health, which includes a battery check, and follows a smart mapping technique, with the help of which it can detect the safest route to fly. Also, it uses anti-collision technology, which enables it to understand if any object comes in front of it during the flight. In case of an emergency landing, the drone will be able to locate the nearby hub where it can land safely without damaging any property or parcels.”

Tata 1mg has partnered with TSAW drones, a leading drone logistics service provider, to transport diagnostic samples throughout the city. The samples will be carried by a drone, which can carry a payload of up to 6 kg and cover an aerial distance of 100 km.

Tata 1mg’s company owned and operated stores in Dehradun, with an average size of 500 sq. ft., offer integrated healthcare solutions for every need. Customers can purchase 100% genuine medicines, avail world-class diagnostics, and convenient e-consultation with top doctors. As part of the launch celebrations, Tata 1mg stores in Dehradun are offering up to 50% discount on numerous products and categories, including medicines and lab tests.

Tanmay Saksena added, “We leverage state-of-the-art technology and supply chain on network to ensure that customers get 100% genuine medicines. Our stores are run on a unique concept called ‘endless aisle.’ This means that through our very extensive supply chain network, we provide an unparalleled inventory range to users, not just in pharmaceuticals but also in categories like Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, wellness, medical devices, etc. All Tata 1mg stores offer best-in-class pharmacy, diagnostics, and e-consultation under one roof.”

The Tata 1mg stores in Dehradun are located at Race course, Vasant Vihar, and Kishan Nagar.

The company already operates more than 40+ stores in Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, and Kolkata and intends to open 200 new stores pan India over the next few months.