Noida, 9th August 2022: Shrikant Tyagi, who abused and threatened a woman in a Noida society, has finally been arrested from Meerut after four days. Tyagi was caught with his three companions in Meerut. The police have also recovered one of his vehicles from Yakubpur. A BJP flag and an MLA pass to enter the assembly was installed in the car whose front and rear number plates are missing. A walkie-talkie has also been recovered in the vehicle.

According to sources, following his misbehavior toward the woman in the society, Tyagi’s video went viral, and he was afraid of police action. He ran away from home in the same car without delay. He had left this car in Yakubpur.

According to police sources, Shrikant Tyagi would constantly try to talk to his wife and lawyer on his mobile phone. The police reached him through the mobile location and arrested him. The police had detained his wife on Tuesday again too. Earlier, on Friday, the police had taken her into custody and interrogated her for more than 24 hours.

Noida Police had also announced a reward of Rs 25,000 on Tyagi by taking action under the Gangster Act. In search of him, eight teams of Noida Police were formed and were looking for him in three states. On Monday, the illegal construction was demolished at his house, located in a residential society in Noida. Along with this, the GST team also raided his shops in Bhangel to put pressure on the accused.