Pune, 21st September 2022: The Standing Committee has approved the proposal to run e-bikes in Pune city. The necessary infrastructure for e-bike service will be provided by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in the next six months. Charging stations have been proposed at 2500 places for e-bike service in the first phase.

Vitro Company’s proposal for e-bikes was presented to the Standing Committee in March 2022. A proposal was presented to set up charging stations at 780 places along with the right to advertise to the company and charge an annual fee of 222 square meters.

The Vitro company will pay the rent of around Rs one lakh per year for each site, around Rs three

 lakh for all stations and 2 percent of the total profit to the Municipal Corporation. Therefore, a proposal was made by the administration to give the space for the charging station for the next 30 years.

According to the proposal, in the first phase, out of 780 seats, 500 seats should be given to the company, out of which only 200 seats will have charging stations, it was mentioned in this proposal. The proposal was accepted in a meeting chaired by Municipal Commissioner, Administrator Vikram Kumar.

In the first phase, e-bike service will be provided at 250 locations. The facility charging station will be there. All the facilities will be made available in six months after which this service will be available to Pune residents. E-bikes will be charged at the rate of Rs 160 paise per kilometre.