Pune, 12th June 2022: Bind Project, a networking meetup series specially designed for the C-suite, founders, and working professionals community kicked off on 11th June 2022 with its first meetup- ‘Mind Matters.’

The Bind Project did complete justice to the title, ‘Mind Matters’, thanks to the highly experienced Kamlesh Sonawane, an Industrial Psychologist and Rutuja Gugle, Marketer, whose passion and enthusiasm were met equally by the budding intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

The session started with a brief introduction by Rutuja Gugle- Founder of The InkBot Studio. This was followed by a three-minute easy-to-do breathing exercise. The purpose of this exercise was to highlight how far we as humans have gone from ourselves. Kamlesh pointed out that Mental Health is an ongoing process and slowly, with such steps, a sense of peace and happiness could be achieved.

He then explained the importance of interpersonal and interpersonal relations in our life. He suggested helpful, practical methods to strengthen relations with others. The highlight of this was how human minds have three types of ego namely- Child Ego, Adult Ego & Parent Ego.

The audience participation was a key driver behind the meetup’s success as everyone participated and asked insightful questions.

All-in-all this was a healthy discussion around a sensitive, yet must-be-talked-about topic, and whatever Bind Project is doing we just have two words- IT MATTERS.