Pune, 5th February 2022: Cast India, a Pune-based startup is all set to bridge the gap in the creative industry and enhance the connection between creative professionals associated with an assortment of Film and Television, Media, Advertising, Public Relations, and Events. These industries are interrelated, share a symbiotic relationship and rely on each other to move forward.

The platform works as an aggregator between employers and aspirants where the duo can connect and build a creative bond with each other. Each industry thrives on networking, staying interrelated, interconnected and moving ahead to bring the desired results. But the members of the industry are constantly changing, creating a big imbalance in the network. To maintain stability and connectivity, the platform nurtures an ecosystem solution which is a ‘network of suitable people in the right places with a choice’.

“Cast India is an integrated platform where an employer and an aspiring professional can connect seamlessly with multiple people, explore profiles and opportunities with various tools for seamless execution at the same time. It is an interactive medium that will connect those who seek a break and those who seek talents and resources for maximizing their growth potential”, informed Praddyuman Bapat, Founder and CEO, Cast India.

Son of a senior retired Air Force officer, Bapat began his career as an advertising professional with a clean slate. His enthusiasm towards the world of films and television made him realize that advertising is one way to catapult oneself amongst the bigwigs in the industry.

Purpose of Cast India

The Indian youths are gifted with unique talent and skills. But they don’t know if they could utilize those skills to transform their careers. This could be because their talents never got an opportunity to be publicly showcased. Such young talents are available pan India including the hinterlands. Today, the wannabe professionals have access to the world of the internet but lack a platform where they can showcase their talents and skills.

“Cast India’s objective is to reach out to multi-talented professionals over urban and rural geography and provide them with an ideal platform where they can showcase their talents which can be seen by the world”, Bapat explained.

During his decade long experience in the industry, Bapat realized that finding an appropriate candidate was an uphill task. “The platforms available, to find the right talent, were either not industry-specific, were recruitment portals or casting agencies. I had to face the same challenges and obstacles my predecessors faced, and still face them today. I interacted with professionals in different domains, and realized, these problems are faced by everyone in multiple industries. After understanding these problems, I felt the need for a single platform where one can Get, Give, Execute and Deliver jobs or projects that could potentially solve the issues. By coming up with something which cannot only give and receive jobs but also help people to connect and interact with each other, the idea of Cast India came into vogue,” he explained.

He recalls that the initial years were full of struggle and he was always greeted with kindness and compassion from people around him. He always looked for ways to reciprocate it in some way. “I wanted to create Cast India with the thought of giving back to the society as I believe that good people make the project output better”, Bapat says. He hopes that through the platform, he will be able to help the industry people in the same way people helped him in his struggling days.

His partner Pulkit Jain, who is the chief technology officer (CTO), describes Cast India as a service-oriented platform, which will provide services in both ways; physical and digital. Unlike other digital platforms, Cast India focuses more on local talents, he says.


According to statistical analysis, the advertising industry is expected to grow by 11%, Media, Film and Television are expected to see a growth of 9%, the public relations (PR) sector will grow by 10.50% and the Events industry will grow by 11% by 2024. This rise will generate opportunities for aspirants in the market.

Cast India will work as a platform that will create awareness and deliver these opportunities to the aspirants. In this way, the platform will bridge the gap in the industries. This is a tremendous opportunity for aspirants to look for jobs in their niche.

Future Plans 

In the coming future, Cast India is planning to have its application that will help users to directly connect with the choice of opportunity they want and also give them a different and new way of hustle-free working and managing the business chores, Bapat further added.