New Delhi, 03 February 2022: This Ministry, vide GSR 1483(E) dated 7th December, 2017, mandated the requirement of airbag for the driver, as per Automotive Industry Standard(AIS) 145. The Ministry has notified GSR 148(E) dated 2nd March, 2021 regarding mandatory provision of an airbag for the passenger seated on the front seat of a vehicle, next to the driver, as per AIS 145, as amended from time to time for the vehicles manufactured on and after the 1st Day of April, 2021, in the case of new models, and 31st day of August, 2021, in the case of existing models. However, due to COVID 19 pandemic, this Ministry vide GSR 595(E) dated 26th August 2021 has extended the timeline in respect of date of implementation of fitment of air bags on existing models upto 31st  December 2021.

The Ministry of Road and Transport and Highways, vide GSR 16(E) dated 14th January, 2022, has notified that vehicles of category M1, manufactured after 01st October 2022, shall be fitted with two side/side torso air bags, one each for the persons occupying front row outboard seating positions and two side curtain/tube air bags, one each for the persons occupying outboard seating positions. This has been notified to enhance safety for the vehicle occupants. Comments and objections have been solicited from all stakeholders within a period of thirty days.

   This information was given by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.