Agra, 21st July 2022: A soul-trembling accident happened in Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh), where a truck passed over a pregnant woman riding on a bike. The woman’s stomach was torn during the accident and the baby girl in her womb fell on the road 5 feet away. The woman’s body was ripped apart but when people went near and saw the baby girl, she was safe.

The pregnant woman was going to her maternal home with her husband. After the accident, husband expressed immense grief saying, “The truck went over Kamini in front of my eyes. She died in agony. There was nothing left in her body and at the same time my baby girl was crying after falling away.”

On the other hand, upon receiving the news of the woman’s death, her uncle Kalicharan died of a heart attack. Uncle also had cancer. The woman and her uncle were cremated on Wednesday evening.

Husband Ramu is a resident of Dhanaula in Agra district. On the insistence of his wife, he was taking her to the in-laws’ house on Wednesday riding a bike. Her in-laws are residents of Wazirpur (Kotla), located near Narkhi police station area of Firozabad.

He said, ‘My wife is 9 months pregnant. She insisted to me on Wednesday morning that she wanted to visit her parents as she was missing her family members. She would not be able to go for 4 months after having a baby as well. We were married for 3 years and this was going to be our first child. I took my wife on a bike and left the house at 9. The distance from the house to the in-laws would be 40 kms. After walking for some time, Kamini asked for tea. We had tea at the dhaba. After that, we hardly moved 5 kms, when a speeding truck hit the bike from behind. Kamini fell from the bike due to the collision.”

Ramu further said, “I was blown away after the accident. I was looking at my wife. Then people passing by picked up my baby girl. I was sitting there carrying her. Then some good people took her to the district hospital. After the ambulance arrived, I reached the hospital with the body of my wife. There I told my family members; Kamini is no more. It has been 3 years of marriage. This is our first child.”

Dr. LK Gupta, a pediatrician of the district hospital, said that “The girl is now better than before. Due to the fall, she is injured. She has an internal injury in her stomach. Milk has been given to the girl child on Thursday morning. Until she is able to digest the milk, she will remain in the hospital.”