Harleen Kaur Grewal

New Delhi, February 7, 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today responded to President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the Rajya Sabha. During the budget session of the Parliament, the opposition created a ruckus on the peasant movements and demanded the government to withdraw all three agricultural laws. On this, the Prime Minister today tried to clear the confusion of the farmers, targeting the opposition. PM Modi assured the farmers that the minimum support price (MSP) will remain.

Speaking on agricultural reforms in the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when Lal Bahadur Shastri had to do agricultural reforms, he had to face difficulties, but he did not back down. He said, “The Left once called Congress an agent of America, today they abuse me.” The Prime Minister said that reforms happen soon after laws are amended.

MSP shall remain – PM Modi

PM Modi assured the farmers that MSP is, was and will remain. The Prime Minister said that the mandis are being strengthened. He said that the 80 crore people who are given ration at cheaper rates will also continue. The Prime Minister also emphasized on the increment of the farmers’ incomes. He said, “The delays of today push the farmers further into darkness tomorrow.”

Prime Minister spoke on farmers movement and talks

The Prime Minister also spoke about the peasant movement. The Prime Minister appealed that “we will have to move onward with explaining the agitators”. He said, “Regardless of the abuses, the reforms will happen”. “End that movement and keep the discussion moving forward.”

PM said on agricultural law and demonstration

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address, “We must choose if we are to be a part of the problem or the conduit to the solution. In politics and politics, we have to choose one.”

PM Modi said in his address that at present, 68% farmers in India own less than 1 hectre of land, 86 percent of farmers own less than 2 hectares of land. “We have to put 12 crore farmers as the prime of our plans.”