New Delhi, 4th June 2021: The Delhi High Court today delivered its verdict on the plea of actress Juhi Chawla against 5G technology. Rejecting Chawla’s petition, the High Court imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on Chwala and two other petitioners.

Earlier, during the hearing, a bench of Justice JR Medha had reserved its verdict after hearing the matter on June 2. The bench had said that Chawla’s petition is flawed and has been filed only for media publicity.

At the same time, during the hearing on Friday, the High Court termed actress Chawla’s petition against 5G network as a case filed for publicity. Along with this, Chawla was also directed to deposit the outstanding court fees.

The court also questioned the sharing of the link of the hearing on the media platform. The court said that Chawla abused the process of law. The court also directed the Delhi Police to identify the person causing a disturbance during the hearing and take action. During the hearing, Chawla’s advocate Deepak Khosla said that the fine imposed without legal basis should be stopped.

The court had questioned Chawla’s direct filing of a lawsuit against setting up a 5G wireless network in the country, without giving any representation to the government. Justice Midha said that the plaintiff Chawla and two others needed to first approach the government for their rights and if there was a denial, then they should have come to the court.

On the other hand, Chawla’s petition claimed that 5G wireless technology schemes threaten to cause serious, irreversible impact on humans and permanent damage to all the ecosystems of the earth. Chawla, Viresh Malik and Tina Vachani had filed a petition saying that if the 5G related plans of the telecom industry are fulfilled then no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on the earth would be spared from its adverse effects.