New Delhi, 19th August 2022: Bhag Chand, a Pakistan Hindu who worked as a Labor Supervisor came to India from Pakistan in 1998. Bhag Chand’s wife and mother are in disbelief that he could take such a step.

A Pakistani Hindu who had been in India for the past 24 years has been arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan. The accused has been living in Bhati Mines (Sanjay Colony) of South-West Delhi since 1998. The accused named Bhag Chand was arrested by the policemen on the morning of August 17 at around 5 am. The police arrived in plain clothes pretending to be pizza delivery personnel to arrest the accused. Bhag Chand worked as Labor Supervisor. He came to India from Pakistan in 1998. His wife and mother could not believe that he could be involved in any anti-national activity.

Bhati’s family of eight, including three children and elderly parents, lived in two rooms in Sanjay Colony. Bhati Mines (Sanjay Colony) was a settlement made by Sanjay Gandhi for Pakistani Hindu refugees. According to media reports, Bhagchand used to earn Rs 600 a day as a labourer. About 24 years ago, Bhagchand came to Delhi from Khairpur in Pakistan with his family 1998.

Bhag Chand had also received Indian citizenship after coming from Pakistan. Before Bhagchand, 27-year-old Narayan Lal was also arrested by the police in the same case. Narayan Lal had given disclosed information about Bhagchand. According to sources, in the joint interrogation of the Central Investigation Agency and the Rajasthan Police, Narayan Lal of Bhilwara had told that this second accused had sent five Indian SIM cards to someone. He told the police the name of the accused was Bhagchand. 

According to a source, an ISI operative named ‘Abid’ used his maternal uncle to meet Bhagchand. Then both also started talking on WhatsApp. Bhagchand has told the Rajasthan Police and the central agency that Abid used to contact him through a Pakistani number. In 2020, he provided Abid with an Indian WhatsApp number. According to the report, Abid asked Bhagchand to visit the military areas of India, make friends with the army officers, and introduce them to him (Abid). Not only this, Bhagchand had also received money from Abid for this.