On World Sight Day, which is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of October month, a spectacles distribution programme for Government School children in Chittapur Taluk of Kalburagi district was organized by Samadhristi, Jaya Foundation, SightRyt and Essilor Vision Foundation.

Mr. Priyank Kharge, MLA, of Chittapur, inaugurated the program and opined that if we can provide required infrastructure to the Schools, only then will the future of the students be bright and this can automatically lead to a growth of the nation.

Mr. Kharge said that when K Ullas Kamath from Jaya Foundation showed interest to find a remedy for these students whose eyesight can be corrected simply by providing spectacles, he utilised the opportunity and got 26,000 students in his taluk tested; out of which 1426 children were suffering from eye sight problems and they have been distributed necessary prescribed spectacles.

He felt, it is not enough to rectify the problem of children eyesight problems, but also to change the thought process of parents. Children should be educated properly, and scientific approach should be developed among them, which will help for the future of this country. He requested parents not to demoralize the children with eyesight problems, instead find a permanent solution.

Mr. K Ullas Kamath of Jaya Foundation said that upto 30% of students suffer from eyesight problems and their parents never come across this information. He further said that the Foundation provides spectacles to those children at no cost to them.

The Director of Sightryt, Mr. Sidharth Pai and Mr. Shiva Kumar Janardhan, CEO of Sightryt Organisation expressed their thoughts to the same effect.

Milind Jadhav, Trustee, Essilor Vision Foundation, India, said, “During this difficult times of pandemic, Good vision is key to helping children succeed in academics. A simple eye examination can identify eye-related issues, if found early enough, many of which can be treated with a pair of simple spectacles.”