Friyana Munshi

Meerut, March 14, 2021: The police family counseling centre in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, comes across many interesting cases of divorce. Counseling is sought from the Family Counseling Centre for couples seeking a divorce and other matters.  According to this centre, 2500 to 3000 family conflicts have been resolved so far.

In fact, according to Monika Jindal, the in-charge of this centre and SI, the first need is to listen patiently to the husband and wife. Then they are explained about all aspects and the highs and lows. All this is done very wisely by taking them in confidence. However, the identity of any husband and wife is not revealed. However some cases are such that the reason can be made public, but there are also some sensitive cases, the reasons for which cannot be disclosed to anyone else.

Monika Jindal of the Family Counseling Centre in Meerut has been in charge for the last two and a half years. Here are three such strange reasons for which couples approached the centre asking for a divorce.

  1. The husband had curly hair before and now is bald, want a divorce:

The case reached Meerut’s Family Counseling Centre. After a year of marriage here, the wife learns that the curly hair of the husband is no longer there.  The wife applied for the Family Counseling Centre, stating this reason. According to her, when the relationship was decided, the husband had black thick curly hair on his head, taking into account his personality, she said yes to the marriage.

According to the wife, everything went well till sometime after marriage. The husband’s hair started falling and he became bald, so she could not live with him, hence she wished to be divorced. Both of them were well counseled after the case reached the family counseling centre.  The result was that the two reached an agreement on the second date itself. After the agreement, the husband and wife said that their issue has been resolved and now they do not wish to talk about it again.

  1. The husband does not want to take a selfie, get a divorce:

Another interesting case came to the forefront of the Family Counseling Centre. Here the wife complained that her husband does not take selfie with her, due to this she is angry and wants to divorce her husband. The husband, on the other hand, showed some of his selfies with the wife to Monika Jindal, in charge of the counseling centre, while denying the wife’s charge. Here too, they were counseled after listening patiently to the husband and wife. Both husband and wife soon agreed to stay together.

  1. Husband used to listen to me before but doesn’t anymore, want a divorce:

Another case came in Meerut at the Family Counseling Centre came to light in which the wife said that she had a love marriage with her husband and they both have a daughter. The wife complained that before marriage, the husband used to listen to everything she said, believed it, but after marriage, his attitude changed and the two started fighting.  In this case, there was a greater need for counseling the husband and the wife. After all, the husband and wife agreed to compromise. Both the families are also very happy.

Monika Jindal, who is in charge of the counseling centre, says that the relationship between husband and wife is very fragile. It is like two wheels from with the carriage of the household moves forward. The effort is to try to convince the husband and wife about all aspects in a psychological way. The counseling helps both of them try to understand each other’s point.

According to Monika, it is often seen that even small things become a cause of quarrel due to lack of patience and tolerance in the new generation.  Many times they stop communicating among themselves. This problem also increases as the joint family decreases. There is no elder to guide them. We do something similar in the Family Counseling Centre. Their counseling is an attempt to resolve the dispute.  There is no set formula for resolving quarrels between husband and wife, just by listening to their words a better way is found.