Lucknow, 22nd February 2022: A picture of a women polling officer wearing a yellow sari became viral during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Reena Dwivedi is engaged in electoral preparations for the 2022 assembly elections. Reena, a resident of Deoria, is on duty this time in Lucknow, but this time her getup looks a bit changed.

In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Reena Dwivedi, posted as a clerk in the Public Works Department, is preparing for voting in Mohanlalganj. Before leaving for duty on Tuesday, Reena’s getup looked a bit different. A crowd of people gathered to see Reena Dwivedi in a black sleeveless top and off white trousers. Along with common people and polling officers, policemen were also seen taking selfies with Reena.

In a conversation with Badla Getup Media, she said, “We are trying to get more and more voting this time too.”

She said, “It is our best effort that along with making voters aware about voting, whatever work is being assigned to me, I can perform it well.” Regarding the new getup, she said, “I follow fashion and I like to be updated with the times. That’s why I have also changed my getup.”