New Delhi, 19th January 2023: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has decided to conduct forest fire control and handling training for the first time for its personnel to reduce losses due to human-made and natural calamities.

NDRF Director General Atul Karwal said at an event organized on the occasion of the 18th Foundation Day of the Union that the force will play an active role in dealing with this disaster, and its three teams will start their training on 6th February. A parliamentary committee last year expressed concern that the subject of dealing with forest fires is not officially part of a special force like the NDRF.

The committee noted that forest fires are a growing threat globally. Incidents of forest fires not only harm forest resources but also harm biodiversity and cause climate change. It adversely affects the tribal livelihood and poses a serious threat to the flora and fauna of the forests. The committee had said that these incidents should be included in the list of disasters that the NDRF deals with.