New Delhi, 20 February 2022: Doordarshan has come up with several innovations to undertake one of the most challenging coverage of the Presidential review of the Indian Navy’s fleet on February 21.

President Ram Nath Kovind will review the Indian Navy’s fleet at a ceremonial event at Visakhapatnam on February 21, 2022. The event will witness the participation of nearly 60 vessels of the Navy, including ships from Indian Coast Guard and Indian Merchant Marine, aircrafts from the Navy and the Coast Guard. The Review also commemorates the 75th year of Independence with the theme ‘Indian Navy – 75 years in Service of the Nation’.

Doordarshan’s coverage of Presidential Fleet Review this year will register many firsts to its credit as it includes vast array of multi-camera set up on land and water with at least 30 cameras including Drones with special lenses being used to streamline the broadcast from land and sea while ensuring seamless connectivity.

Various elements of the Fleet Review comprises of anchorage, a steam past in a mobile column, a fly past and parade of sails, different formations of large columns of vessels etc. All of this will be captured by DD Cameras deployed on land and sea.

Doordarshan and All India Radio have been preparing for this mega coverage since October 2021. Teams have done extensive site surveys, carried out extensive recce around the venue prior to final deployment on land and sea.

Multi-camera set up includes beautiful special vantage points on the hills, high rise buildings and near the shorelines of Visakhapatnam. DD crew has been positioned on 5 such critical points to provide Live visuals. The entire coverage will be in High Definition format.

Grappling with challenging environment at the sea, team of DD Engineers by identifying multiple and critical camera positions will bring to life the Indian Navy’s full might and prowess. On 5 ships, DD Crew has been deployed to provide Live shots of the President’s Yacht during the ceremony. Drones, Backpacks, Wireless, signal streaming and satellite uplinks are being done at the Sea to ensure the seamless live broadcast of the prestigious event.

On President’s yacht, High Definition camcorders and PTZ cameras have been deployed. To enhance Viewers’ experience, specialized lenses and state of the art high resolution PTZ cameras have been installed.

The grand stand Master control room has been set up at All India Radio Visakhapatnam. The grand stand will receive all the camera sources from the Land and the Sea using RF, backpacks, data links and satellite down-linking.

The High Definition visuals will be made more engaging through graphics and battery of professional commentators who will be elaborating upon every detail in Hindi and English as the event unfolds, from AIR control Room.

Uninterrupted Live coverage running into almost 3 hours will be broadcast on DD National, DD News, DD India and multiple regional channels of DD, starting from 8.30 AM on February 21 till the end of the events. The entire coverage will also be available through live-streaming on our YouTube platforms.