New Delhi, 30th July 2022: Recently, during an inter-religious meeting held in Delhi, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said that some elements are trying to create an environment which is hindering the progress of the country. He said that condemnation is not enough and there is a need to work against radical forces including the Popular Front of India and others. During this, Muslim leaders demanded a ban on PFI.

Ajit Doval said, “Some people want to create an effect of discord within and outside the society based on religious beliefs. The majority is silent. We cannot be silent spectators. We have to organize and raise our voice, and rectify the mistakes.”

“They are creating bitterness and conflict in the name of religion and ideology. It is affecting the entire country and is spreading outside the country as well. We have to make every section of India feel that we are one country together, we are proud of it and every religion can be accepted with freedom here.”

Muslim leaders present in Thak demanded a ban on PFI. Religious leaders of different religions participated in the inter-religious meeting chaired by NSA Doval. Sufi saints also participated in the conclave, organized as part of the Narendra Modi government’s outreach to ensure religious harmony.

The Modi government’s initiative by holding such a meeting comes at a time when religious discord is at its peak in the country in the wake of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks on the Prophet and extreme reactions from a section of the Sufi Barelvi Muslim community.