Bengaluru, 21 April 2022:An engineering graduate from a remote village of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, landed his dream job at Microsoft by consistently upskilling himself with the right skill sets. Although he started his career with software testing, it did not deter Abinay Bingumalla, a farmer’s son, from dreaming big. With a firm determination to learn the necessary skills required for a product-based company, Abinay upskilled his way into securing a software development engineer job in one of the top IT companies in the world. With the newly gained skills, confidence, and a passion for engineering, Abinay also mentors more than 20 aspiring software engineers. They march on the journey to conquer their dreams like him.

Abinay did his specialisation in biotech engineering and soon realised that he did not possess the necessary skills for a skills-driven software developer. Further, as finding biotechnology jobs turned out to be an uphill task, he focused on honing his software engineering skills. Preparing for his interviews at product-based companies, Abinay soon identified that his lack of command over algorithms and data structures and confidence is hindering him from securing his dream job.

Understanding the merits of one-on-one mentoring and upskilling, he enrolled in Scaler while continuing his work. With months of consistent efforts and dedication, Abinay completed the upskilling course, which paved the way toward his dream job at Microsoft. Along with equipping himself with the necessary skills, Abinay also gained the confidence to perform his responsibilities at Microsoft.

Abinay’s newfound confidence has also prompted him to give something back to his learner community. Despite his packed work schedule, he finds the time to mentor the existing learners from Scaler. Abinay has mentored close to 20 Scaler learners and has been instrumental in helping the techies achieve their goals.

“When I mentor learners, I get to understand where they are in terms of their career prospects. Most of the time, I see them being in the exact same position where I was before. Because of my journey, I can empathise with them and provide them with the right guidance that I wish I had received during my early days. Mentoring also helps me in my continuous learning process. It helps keep track of algorithms and data structures and helps stay on top of the current trends. So, while giving back to the learner community, It also allows me to stay updated with everything in the domain”, said Abinay Bingumalla, Scaler Alumni. 


Speaking on the experience of working for a tech giant like Microsoft, Abinay said, “Some of the things that I am working on are affecting millions of people globally. The satisfaction of knowing my work is bringing about real-life changes in the world gives me immense pleasure. This motivates me to put my best foot forward every day as I work for Microsoft”.  

Scaler, an online techversity, is a leading computer science course for upskilling students and working professionals. Scaler offers intensive upskilling courses through live classes delivered by tech leaders and subject matter experts. The Scaler mentors help budding tech talents and help them achieve their career dreams. The meticulously structured program enhances the skills of software professionals by offering a modern curriculum with exposure to the latest technologies. Scaler equips students with in-demand tech skills and coaches them on how best to approach the interview process at leading tech companies.

Speaking on Abinay’s transformation and the need for more skilled talent, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder of Scaler and InterviewBit, said, “While only 55% of the Indian engineers are employable, the numbers when we talk about software engineers in specific is even grimmer. According to a report by IndusValley2022, only 4% of our computer science engineers are capable of writing high-quality code. This highlights the dire need for more skilled tech talent in the Indian IT industry. Only with more techies like Abinay, who are continuously dedicating time and efforts towards learning and upskilling, can we as a nation expand our talent pool. Along with consistent learning, it is just as important for these learners to mentor the upcoming techies who lack the proper guidance. With such a focused effort from techies like Abinay and the rest of the mentor community, the employability rate of our engineers can certainly be improved.”