Hyderabad, 5th May 2022: On this year’s Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, Medica Group of Hospitals, the largest private hospital chain in Eastern India, at its flagship facility Medica Superspecialty Hospital in Kolkata, launched a dedicated Haematuria Clinic on 4th May, 2022 for early detection of the cause of the blood in the urine (Hematuria) and treatment on time. Hematuria which is blood in urine could be an indication of bladder cancer. This clinic will now be operational from 3 pm to 5 pm (Monday – Friday) for assistance in the early diagnosis of the source of haematuria and prompt treatment.


Blood in the urine can sometimes be seen with the naked eye, which is known as visible Hematuria, and often ‘dipstick test’ (a urine test strip) is used to spot blood in urine, which is termed non-visible Hematuria. While blood flow in urine might be innocuous in certain situations, it can also be a sign of major health problems at times. According to physicians, blood in the urine without discomfort, a burning sensation in the urinary passage, or abdominal pain, might be indicators of cancer or a tumor in the urinary tract. As a result, even a drop of intermittent bleeding should be diagnosed as it might be a symptom of cancer.

Higher rates of blood in the urine (Hematuria) exist in individuals older than 60 years of age and those with a current or history of smoking. In Hematuria, kidneys or other parts of the urinary tract allow the blood cells to leak into urine. Urinary tract infections, kidney infections, bladder, or kidney stones, enlarged prostate, and cancer are all causes of the leak.

Talking about the launch of the clinic, Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head of urology, Surgical Oncology, Robotic Surgery, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, said, “In our uro-oncology OPD, the most common cancer is bladder cancer, which accounts for nearly 40% of all urological cancers. According to the Population-Based Cancer Registry (PBCR) of India, urinary bladder cancer is one of the leading cancers in West Bengal, owing to the high frequency of smoking. In most cases, blood in urine is neglected by individuals just because the bleeding stops spontaneously only to reoccur again after a few days.  Hence, it is extremely important to not neglect even a drop of red/pink or cola color blood in the urine. It should be evaluated immediately to rule out urinary tract cancers. A timely diagnosis of blood in the urine (Hematuria) can prevent the disease from progressing to a more advanced or incurable stage. Being a one-stop solution center, we believe in offering advanced and comprehensive treatment to patients suffering from bladder cancer and patients undergoing complex surgeries like Radical Cystectomy, Neobladder Surgery, and Robotic Bladder Cancer Surgery.”

Medica has always believed in raising awareness and creating a solution to promote a well-being-oriented society. The maintenance and improvement of one’s health have throughout been at the centre of concern for Medica.