Pune, 22 April 2022: The prestigious Late Meera Deshpande Award presented by Pune Zilla Nagari Bank Association this year was given to Nanda Lonkar, Director, Ramrajya Sahakari Bank and Pushpalata Jahdav, Director of Sharad Sahakari Bank at Manchar. The awards were given at a function held at Balgandharva Natyamandir on Friday, April 22.

The award is presented in the memory of Meera Deshpande who served as the Director of Bhagini Nivedita Sahakari Bank for 40 years and is given to women who have made outstanding contributions in the field of co-operative banking.

The event was attended by Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Balasaheb Patil,  Minister of Co-operation, Vidyadhar Anaskar, President, Maharashtra State Co-operative Council, Suresh Mohite, President, Pune Zilla Nagari Bank Association and Aniruddha Deshpande, Managing Director, City Corporation Limited among others.

The award is given as an incentive to increase the contribution of women in the day to day operations of banks and to make their mark in the co-operative sector.
Aniruddha Deshpande, son of Meera Deshpande presented the award in memory of his mother to Nanda Lonakar in the city division and Pushpalata Jadhav in the district division. The award was given in the form of Rs. 21,000 and a badge of honour.