Friyana Munshi

New Delhi, March 12, 2021: Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel made big revelations in a TV interview on Sunday. Actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted regarding the revelations of the royal family. Along with this, she also targeted Mahatma Gandhi and raised questions on being a good father and husband.

Kangana Ranaut targeted the Mahatma Gandhi,

Kangana while targeting Mahatma Gandhi, wrote – “Mahatma Gandhi was accused of being a bad parent by his own children, there are various mentions of him pushing his wife out of the house for refusing to manually clean guest toilets, he was a great leader not a great husband but the world is forgiving when it comes to a man.”

What did Kangana write in the tweets?

Kangana tweeted – “For few past days, people gossiped, judged, online lynched a family based on one sided story at the cost of a family, I never saw the interview as sass, bahu, sajish type stuff never excites me. All I want to say is one woman the only ruling Monarch left on this globe.” She further wrote, “May not be an ideal MIL/wife/sister, but she is a great Queen, she carried forward her father’s dream, saved the crown better than any son could have. We can’t play every role to perfection even if we excel at one should be enough. She saved the crown. Let her retire like a Queen.”

What did Megan Markle say in the interview?

In a conversation with Hollywood star Oprah Winfrey, Megan had said that “While spending time with the royal family, she had thoughts of suicide, she did not want to live at all. Her biggest mistake was that she trusted the royal family. The royal family promised that they would always be kept safe, but this could never happen.” Not only this, Harry said “If Princess Diana had been there today, she would have been very upset with what happened in the royal family.”