New Delhi, 20th July 2023: The G20’s Science20 (S20) Summit will take place at the serene Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, gathering more than 100 delegates from 20 different countries. Distinguished academicians, scientists, experts, and policymakers will assemble for this significant meeting, scheduled to take place from July 21 to July 22. During this event, the delegates will also have the unique opportunity to engage in an interactive session with Sadhguru, the visionary founder of the Isha Foundation.

This gathering serves as the summit meeting of the Science 20 Engagement Group, which aims to consolidate and present the outcomes of the previous three meetings. The themes discussed in the earlier sessions revolved around Green Energy, Connecting Science with Society, and Holistic Health. Now, a joint communique on these themes will be presented, representing the collective views of 20 nations.

Formed in the year 2017, the S20 represents one of the latest engagement groups within the G20. Its primary objective is to foster an official dialogue between the G20 and the scientific community. By providing insights and expertise from the scientific realm, the S20 aims to support the G20 in addressing global challenges more effectively.

Regarding the choice of venue at the Isha Yoga Center, Sadhguru expressed his appreciation, stating that holding the G20 meetings in diverse locations, including spiritual centres like this, offers participants the opportunity to experience India’s rich heritage and culture.

The delegates will be warmly welcomed upon arrival with traditional garlands, drums, and flower petals. As part of their introduction to the local customs, they will be acquainted with the ancient technologies of well-being at the iconic 112-foot Adiyogi, the first Yogi.

In addition to the business discussions, the delegates will have the chance to enjoy enthralling performances of classical Indian martial arts, Kalaripayattu, and the mesmerizing Bharatanatyam dance presented by the talented students of Isha Samskriti. Furthermore, they will be taken on a guided tour of the scenic and spiritually enriching Isha Yoga Center.